Sunday, November 24, 2013

I guess I should know better...



I am working at a cardigan for me. It is from the book “The art of seamless knitting” and so far I am quite impressed with that book. Lots of information on all kind of things (from how the increase/decrease in lace) to better fit bits and so on. The Lace Cardigan was the one I really wanted to make, so that it was. Now I had some Madeline 80/10/10 sport in my stash, so I though with some adaptations that would do just fine. The main changes I made are that there is no extra lace panels in the sides and I made it into a long cardigan and not a more cropped one with long ribbing. The yarn is kind of “heavy” with loads of drape and it just goes better with a long cardigan than a cropped one… I did a “muizetandje” for the edging, goes well with the pattern I feel. It will be a nice bold cardigan. 

However this is handpainted yarn, and normally I do tend to knit hand painted from alternating skeins….you know to be able to cope with differences in colour. Except this time I didn’t  and yes it shows….


Now I will knit one sleeve and make a decision, pretend it is a design feature or frog and remake…. I should have known better I guess….


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