Sunday, November 10, 2013

More fluff....



Some weeks ago, there was a small article in the Guardian praising the fluffy sweater. Now it is true, a nice fluffy sweater goes a long way, but another thing is also true, too fluffy and it is just ridiculous (at least in my eyes). The red sweater in Paris, Texas (as shown in that article) is for me, on the wrong side of a fluffy sweater. Just too hairy or maybe too many bad memories of fashion in the 1980’s (not to mention bad politics, but that is a whole other matter). Anyways fluff needs to be modest for me, but seeing a skein of Rowan angora haze in the shop, I knew this will give the right amount of soft cloudiness. Combined with a classics type of design by Kim Hargreaves, makes a nice elegant sweater. The pattern is Hetty and I do love the neckline. It is a simple knit but oh so rewarding….


For something completely different, sturdy and rustic, good for later in the winter… These will be for M, who has been asking for new mittens for some weeks now….


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