Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Warm hands



I am at home today, got ill during the night (food-poisening?) and after a not so nice morning, I got a bit better and lay in bed watching TV episodes of this and that. And yes I did a bit of knitting. So a pair of mittens to show. The pattern I used was Houndstooth Check Mittens and I just want to say here, that I do think this is an excellent pattern to learn stranded knitting. The pattern is easy to remember, there are no long floats and it isn’t too big. 

I was careful this time, so I kept one colour dominant, so for once I can show a neat inside too…



I did tinker a little bit as these are meant for M, so I made the hand-bit one repeat smaller and the thumb as well. They are still too big, but I think that is better than the other way around, and hey, now I can wear them too….


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  1. I love your Houndstooth mittens! I have just found your blog, so this comment is a bit after the fact, but I do hope you are feeling better by now!