Monday, December 31, 2012

Way out

Two-tone Tam

We are back from a splendid week in New York. Seen a lot, done a lot and had some very nice meals too…. And done some knitting too, mainly on the plane to and from. Just before we left, I rooted some more in my stash and found two skeins of Shilasdair luxury 4-ply that I had bought in Glasgow last summer and very much in the mood for another hat using stranded knitting, I started to sketch a colour design for it. One of my ideas was that it had to be easy stranded knitting since it should be a good travelling project. So no floats longer than 3 sts and easy to memorise. Tow-tone hat is what I came up with. Modern, somewhat geometric looking and I think a good project to learn stranded knitting with.

I almost finished it on the plane out (10 hours flight), so I could take the project pictures at an appropriate place for it. We had some cold blustery days un New York, and the double layer of this hat provided some good insulation. The yarn itself helps too, soft and luxurious in lovely bright colours.

Two-tone Tam

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