Friday, December 21, 2012

Too scared?


I'm not really a scared knitter. I have used a lot of different techniques and I think there is place for both seamed and seamless items. There is however one thing I have not tried, and I probably will one day, but that day has not yet come. And that thing is of course "a steel". Knitting colour work in the round and then "steel it open" to make a cardigan or to attach sleeves. I'm not that afraid of the cut itself, it is just that I don't see the point for myself. I like my purl, I can purl my colour work just as well as I can knit it, so why the trouble?

It is just me of course!

Anyways S like to have a colour work cardigan and I spotted Voissour and thought, that she might like…. and she did. O-wool had really good prices for their yarn and after some thoughts it had to be blue and bray. So I got the pattern and discovered it was made with steeks. But the main part of the body is just stockinette and the colour work is only two colours with no extreme floats, so I decided to knit it flat instead. That means some small alterations and probably some more threads to seam in the end as well. But so far so good and I'm happy with knitting it flat….

 I do like the pocket very much, neat….



I might be a bit silent for the coming week, I'm off to New-York tonight (and no it isn't the end of the world, not even as I know it). I will not knit further on this cardigan during the flight (too big), so probably another hat coming up.


But finally Happy Solstice and holidays! 

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  1. I'm knitting a colorwork sweater now that I'm going to have to steek. It's kind of terrifying. But I'm definitely going to practice on some spare swatches I have lying around.