Tuesday, December 18, 2012

best laid plans of mice and men…. Thistle Tam

Thistle Tam

Last summer we were in Scotland for a week or so to visit my husbands family and during that stay we went to Edinburgh twice. One me and the big one alone and once with the whole family. On one of this visits I bought some Shetland Spindrift without really knowing what to do with it. Well a cardigan I thought for the small one, with stranded knitting as its their "heritage" (well not really as the family comes from Ayrshire and not the hebrides, fair-isles or highlands) and using a thistle as a small motif. So I knitted a cardigan with charts I came up with and I was pleased with it. So pleased I knitted it again using a different yarn. I made copious notes to get into a pattern, but…. life happened, work was hectic and free time went to family, so I never made the notes in text and I never did the grading…. 

But I did have some left-over yarn and I did have the charts. So I reworked a little bit and voila a small scottish tam. This pattern was not that hard to work out, so I have put it on Ravelry today….

and the mice & men do come from Ayrshire of course…..

Thistle Tam

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