Saturday, November 24, 2012



if there is one thing that M loves, it is her bike. Om a nice day she can ride it and ride it again… It is a bit battered (It's S her old bike) but it works just fine so it is really OK for her.  A good sturdy warm cardigan is really what is needed for deep Autumn cycling, so here it is… Ruta. Diamond patterns on the body and smaller one on the sleeves in simple twisted stitches and some small cables too. It is slightly too big, but it really is meant for more than just one winter.


The yarn is peace fleece worsted. Not the softest yarn (but it does become softer after a wash), but one of the sturdiest. So very good for an outdoor type of garment. It's tweedy too with brilliants specks of colour. And when knitting it you feel the lanolin make your hands go softer. M remarked that it smelled of Lamb, which is does a bit, but not a bad thing, a sheepie kind of yarn, rustic, well suited for cables and cycling your bike on a grey November day...


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  1. The cardigan looks very nice and I like the tweedy look too. Perfect for being outdoors.