Saturday, November 3, 2012



One of my favourite things in a design is if there is a nice contract between stockinette and a bit of texture. If done right it creates really nice items with an interesting edge that are easy to wear and are easy to knit. There are certain designers that are masters in just this, and I will come back to them time after time. This is Irina by Cecily Glowik McDonald and yes she is just one of those designers.

This was a fast knit, it is all stockinette from the top-down raglan. And then a bit of action follows, a cowl with an interesting drop-stitch garter pattern. I knitted it in the yearn it was designed for, since it is a a nice yarn. It is Quince and Co chickadee in the colour split pea.  The yarn has a good price, is sturdy and comes in a lovely range of colours. Quince is one of my go to companies, both for their patterns and their yarns are what I do like. Elegant, but sturdy stuff.

And Irina, well I am had-way through the second season of Alias…what can I say, some names are just right.


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