Saturday, November 17, 2012



The other day I got reminded that it was a long tim sago I did knit cables. Maybe more than two years ago….and it is odd since I do like knitting cables. So I  wondered why and I really couldn't figure it out. M in the mean time asked if she could have a warm cardigan, bit thicker than normal, so that's when 1 and 1 came together… From my stash I dug out Peace Fleece worsted in a lovely pink tweed "Moscow magic pink", from a recent acquisition I got inspiration and here are diamonds for a small cardigan. The books I bought are "Bäuerliches  Stricken", lovely stitch pattern books with quite a number of twisted stitch patterns and some lace and other goodies… This pattern is not in it, but it is inspired by it. I want this cardigan to have a saddle-sleeve with a bit of cable work, but I am not sure yet how to do it, so I knit to the arm height and will be back at the drawing board...

But so far it is fun to do cables again….



And my comfy cardigan, is really comfy indeed…..

Essential Cardigan

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