Sunday, October 16, 2016




A couple of years ago I would always have a pair of socks on my needles. I would make other things too, but in parallel there would always be a pair of socks. Good for knitting in the bus when there is not a lot of space, easy to take in a bag and often one doesn’t need to take a pattern on the trip as one can store the information in one’s head. 

In those days I had often 3 projects simultaneously cast-on and that didn’t really work for me, and these days I am a “monogamous” knitter, strictly one project at the time, unless I have to wait for extra yarn. And somehow when I changed to being a single project knitter, socks became less a priority and anyways I made so many pairs, so we were covered… But now after a good clean out as many pairs had holes (well they got worn) and it is getting colder, some members in my household started to ask for socks… I still have a quite a stash full of sock-yarn, so it is a matter of making a choice of pattern and sock yarn… So some Shibui Sock (now discontinued) and a nice Cookie Pattern (Mona) and time on the train and bus and:


The other good thing with sock knitting is turning the heel, my favourite bit of knitting and I had kind of forgotten that… I’m not done yet with sock knitting, so I have now Lateral on my needles…. just turned a heel,so I leave that here….. And there is a kind of KAL on ITFF so I think there will be more socks coming this autumn to fill those drawers in our clothing cupboards once again….


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