Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Blues



I am having a serious case of the blues. I lie awake at night and I am worried. Not much I can do but being worries. It was not my election, but as it stands, an US election does affect the whole world, so yeah, I have reasons to lie awake at night. Also similar populism is at work in the UK (Brexit, anyone), France, Hungary, basically the whole of Europe, including Sweden. I am sick of it and hate the small-mindedness of it all, the under-belly feelings that are brought upwards, the latent racism and misogyny that is awakened. Also I am a scientist and I am just so offended by the anti-science (experts are not needed, global warming doesn’t exist, and so on and so forth) almost anti-education vibes that are being expressed these days.  Last month I spoke with a colleague in a similar position in the UK and he said that he had become a member of a political party as he felt he had been silent too long. Right! I have always been upfront about my (non)beliefs, my political stance and so forth and I will remain doing that. I will continue to discuss politics at a dinner table, at the coffee breaks at work and so on and I will try to speak out more when I hear bigots talking. On a what can I do level, I am also becoming Swedish as I have to vote where I live. Not an easy decision to make (I will lose my birth nationality) but I need to do this.

I also want to give honor to tech knitter for her latest blog , I hope more people will follow this path, speak up, become party members or activist or something, but do not be quiet!


  1. Caroline aka FiberTribeNovember 14, 2016 at 1:11 AM

    Thank you so much for caring and for posting about this. It means the world to so many of us here in the states. and thanks also for pointing us to Tech knitter's blog.

  2. Sorry to change the subject, but those are gorgeous socks! I would love to buy the pattern. It looks like a braid.