Saturday, April 16, 2016

Silk and such..



My first summer project has been finished, a fun top well suited for a teenager. I knitted this with Kiito which is a 100% silk yarn. But it is one of those dry silk yarns and not one of those smooth shiny silk yarns. It makes for a lovely slightly tweedy fabric which will work so nice for hot summer days. Not that we have hot summer days yet, but hopefully later in the year we get at least some of them. I made some minor changes to the pattern, the main one is that I didn’t do a single row of crochet at the neckline. That felt too flimsy, instead I did a couple of rows of garter in the contrast colour. Otherwise no big changes. As this was mainly stockinette, this was a fast project, just like the one I am working on now. With a yarn like this stockinette can work so well...

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