Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ready for Spring


It is nice that spring is on its way. On Sunday we went out to watch the Cranes resting on their long track to the north and after that we had a long walk along a river with fields with loads of birds back from the South, lapwings, oyster catchers, geese, a lark in the sky and that was really really nice. Unfortunately there was a very cold strong wind and I was already feeling a bit iffy, so on Monday I had a fever and was in bed. Spring too? I am feeling better now so it wasn’t a long one, but annoying it was.

Anyways I finished my Braid Hills, a little spring cardigan with some nice twisted stitches to keep me just warm enough. It was a pretty straight-forward knit, I didn’t really change anything except the sequence of how I knitted it (one front first, then the back and then the other front) in order to minimise the seaming. I also picked up the sts for the sleeves just very slightly different, but really those are not big changes.I found some nice buttons in my stash that added to the vintage feeling. 

I can’t really see the rowing out anymore after blocking and the cables show up neat and nicely. This is nice yarn with that slightly “artisan” feel, not as polished as some yarns, but very nice and soft and that nice heathered colour. 


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