Sunday, March 20, 2016



it’s spring, so I am knitting a cardigan that is hopefully perfect for just this time of year. It is lightweight and has a soft-colour, not toasty warm but more an item to take that chill away. There is a bit of cable work, or actually twisted stitches going on to keep it interesting, so I am quite happy. The yarn is the main thing. It is De Rerum Natura Ulysses which is made from white and black merino sheep. That mixture gives the yarn a grey heather which makes the colour quite hard to describe but also quite lively. It is quite a soft yarn with a nice drape and it is just ever so slightly fuzzy which makes that the stitch definition is not as good as for some merino wools. I also have a slight whiff of rowing out which is also funny. I sometimes have a bit of rowing out with certain cotton yarns, but I do not think I ever had it with a woollen yarn so I am a bit puzzled. It is however less bad in real life than in the photo so I can definitely live with it, but it is just one of those riddles, why does this wool do this...

Since the yarn is so soft and still quite sturdy feeling and the colour is so nice, I think I might come back to this one, maybe for a lace cardigan...

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