Monday, November 3, 2014

Some more small things


On some weekends I get a lot of knitting done…. We were visiting family in the UK over the last couple of days, and while travelling and such I did a lot of knitting. For instance I did finish my galvanised cardigan, but I was not able to get any decent pictures yet, so that has to wait for maybe in the weekend. I started a Christmas Sweater for S, but on a later day, a separate post will appear.

I also did some gift knitting, a small bonnet for a new baby of a colleague of mine. The pattern is called Lilacs for Lila and it makes a cute little bonnet for a girl-baby. Got some nice soft yarn Sublime Yarns Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK in a non-baby colour, a nice strong vivid purple. This was a supereasy fast knit (basically one evening and it was done), so very good for baby gift knitting!

When I was in the UK, I also stumbled over Rowan Fazed Tweed, which has a very interesting construction. I had read about it on Ravelry but seeing it in real life made me want to knit with it. It consists out of a kind of nylon net, in which the rest of the fibres (wool and alpaca) are held. The result is a very lofty yarn which is very very soft. The colours are speckled and it is not a true tweed, in the scene that there are earnest of colour, but it is quite pleasing nevertheless. And oh so soft...


 I did not have any project in my mind, so I bought three skeins, in Oak, Elderberry and Bay and then started to think what to make with it. I decided upon a scarf or cowl in an interesting slipped stitch pattern. I am a bit concerned how well the yarn will stand up for extended wear, so a scarf seems a good item to make with this yarn. Also a slip-stitch will prevent hopefully some major pilling, but we will see over time what happens. The photograph below doesn’t really show the stitch very clearly, but it works quite well. It makes a nice cushy fabric for even more warmth and cosiness. My neck will be pleased with this. Whether it will be a cowl or a scarf, I cannot say right away. I do realise that for either of them I don’t have enough yarn, but I am not going to buy more than 2 skeins of each colour, so we will see how far that brings me...



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