Sunday, October 26, 2014

A small item


Today the clocks went to wintertime and although I like the hour of extra sleep in the morning, I don’t like the change. I like summertime, I like the long days and I love the light. Now Swedish winter is upon us and although I don’t hate it as much as I used to (first year in Sweden was very hard in that respect), I don’t really like it either. It is a goos thing that I am quite busy these days, almost to busy to really noticed. One thing that I noticed is that although it has been very very wet, it is also warmer than a usual year. Many trees still have leaves, the grass still needs to be mowed and we haven’t gotten night frost either. I start to wonder whether it will come this year, no sign yet of cold.

But it has been wet, so much rain and although I finished the little item about a week ago, there was simply no way to have decent light for a good picture. So here is Warble, a small cowl, knitted in Quince & Co. Tern. Very good as an assessoire, nice to keep my neck warm…. because this is also the time of year when draughty houses and offices are most noticeable. And as my house is old, and my office in a weird place in the lab, I suffer on windy days.

 Also quite an easy knit, I did change the pattern slightly, to make it more symmetric and a good commuting project when I needed it. 


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