Sunday, October 5, 2014

Freyja uncut


Finished and happy….

The yarn was worth the experiment. What was quite odd. was that the light coloured yarn was much softer and easier to break than the blue yarn, which was quite sturdy in comparison. For the stranded knitting at the to it meant that I had to work quite carefully and it took a bit longer. I added 4 sets of short rows, 3 below and 1 above the stranded knitted band. For the closure bands, I picked up and knitted stitches and used simple garter, 4 ridges. Nice rustic wooden buttons for the finish.

If only the patter had been a bit more consistent, I would probably have sung its graces, as it is, no...

Now of course we are in the middle of an Indian Summer, so it will be a while before I truly can appreciate its warmth….


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