Saturday, November 8, 2014



I am  a cardigan person, maybe it is living in Sweden where the temperature outside and inside can be so wildly different, so a layering item is just what one needs, or for any old other reason but I rather wear a cardigan over any pullover… So it is no strange thing that I rather knit cardigans over pullovers too… I do knit the odd pullover, but what I am drawn to is Cardigans, especially ones that are quite simple but with a small twist. I also like to knit with lighter yarns, fingering, sport that’s what I like most, occasionally worsted but that is really as heavy as I go.  

So the Galvanised Cardigan was really one that I needed to make. It has been in my queue since forever, I even bough yarn for it since forever… But my queue is large and (hum so is my stash) but it always feels so very very good when something from the queue is gone and year lingering in stash has been used. So I am happy with a wearable cardigan…. I did not make any big changes, I made the body a tad longer, but for the rest it is really as simple as cardigans come. No shaping, straight up and raglan sleeves. But those corrugated borders do make it, and are a hell to knit, it probably took much longer time to knit those borders than the whole rest of the cardigan. That’s what you get if you go for the details...


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