Sunday, June 1, 2014


I have been away on a tour (that how it is feeling right now….) giving two talks at a conference in the US and another one at Brookhaven, I am tired and jet legged, but… just some photos:


One of the commercial exhibitioners at the meeting had a raffle and for the first time in my life I actually won…. There were two lots drawn each day, and on the last day mine was up!  The price was a hot balloon trip over the Rio Grande, and sorry to post these pictures but it was just grand. 

But just assure that I also have been doing work, this is also a picture of something that excites me:



This is the inner workings of a synchrotron, in this case Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island (yes I travelled a bit too, from New Mexico to New York), which is a brand new synchrotron under development. It is impressive to see the machine and colourful too...

Since I was on long plane rides, I finished Angie too…. And as is often the case with Kim Hargreaves, no modifications whatsoever. I found the vintage button in a second hand shop in Malmö and they go very well with tho little summer cardigan, which is really a breeze to make!


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