Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ins Blaue hinein....


Some words or sentences can only be uttered in one language. “Schadenfreude” is of course well known, ins Blaue hinein (maybe best translated as “into the wild blue yonder"), is maybe only a dutch germanism. But summer time is also the time of the year that one more than ever wants to have some freedom to go towards blue yonder. For me knitting can be the same. Sometimes I do like to use a pattern, sometimes I just knit almost on the fly, see where I will end up. This cardigan was a little bit like that, I knew what I wanted, but not entirely and just going forward and see where it ends up. I knew I wanted top-down and set-in sleeves. Barbara Walker’s simultaneous sleeves basically, and texture... So in the end it is mostly good, some small improvements could be made and I arrived somewhere nice.

I like the result, maybe the neckline should have been a bit higher and more narrow (next time) but the shoulder fit is good and I do like the change in texture between the purl ridges and the very simple almost mesh like lace. And it is linen so it is nicely fluent. M does like it, just the kind of thing she likes to wear.


We had fun making the pictures too, pulling faces and looking very annoyed


but just some seconds later….




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