Wednesday, June 18, 2014



Last weekend I was “up north” in the middle of the most Swedish part of Sweden, Dalarna. It was for work not for pleasure but it was still a pleasant visit. I have been there many times now ( we have a yearly meeting there) and almost always very close to midsommar and each time I am again struck about the light. The photo above was taken at about 23:00…. and yes there is that much light still present.. It was very nice weather, not very warm but as there was hardly any wind and it was very sunny it was very nice indeed. And green so very green, with perfect blue skies above..

On the way back I travelled all the way back to Skåne by train, about 700 km….straight down south. I have been travelling a lot this month (and still have some to do) and it was actually nice to take a slower way of transport than a plane. I would only have gained a couple of hours by flying down as I would have needed to go to Stockholm, wait a couple of hours for the connecting flight and then…. The train was nice, I could do some work, could do some knitting and could see Sweden passing by...

The cardigan I am knitting at the moment is  linen cardigan for M. Barbara Walker again, top down simultaneous set-in sleeves, ribs by purl rows at the top, lace by rows of simple yarn-overs at the bottom. And blue or blauw in dutch, proper summer stuff. The yarn is sparrow an favourite of mine. One of the nicest linen yarn around!



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