Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring is in the air....


Most years there is that one day when one realises, winter is over… spring is here. Today is that day here, ok it is still early spring, but crocuses and the hazel bush are flowering, birds are chirping, the grass is growing and the sun is there being a thin haze of clouds. Now this winter wasn’t a long and cold one, we had a bit of cold, but it was grey, stormy and rainy and it feels quiet now, calm and mild, nice in other words.

So a good day for some pictures on the dress that M had in her head…colours blue and a bit of green, spring colours….


I used Barbara Walkers simultaneous set-in sleeve method, and it worked like a dream. So yes I will use this method again for other designs. The beginning is a bit fiddly, as one has to knit small bits, cut yarn of here and there, but then once it all comes together, it works really well. I tried to mimic a flat knitted sleeve, so my increases on the sleeve are every row in the beginning, every second row for a bit, one or two every fourth row, a bit every second row. I am happy I choose these set-in sleeves and not the raglan as I played with in my head when I was planning this dress, since I now have mastered something new...

We wil probably go for a walk in the afternoon, so let’s go out and enjoy the end of winter…. (even though, being in Sweden, it always can make a return, even as late as April….).



  1. Lucky you, talking about spring! If only. :) The dress looks great... I'm definitely going to look up the method you mentioned, thanks.

    1. Thanks, and yes we are lucky with the spring, now the leaves are unfolding and everything is getting greener and greener, still much ahead of schedule..... Hope it will come to you soon too!