Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ideas and such



During the sales M got a nice dress in different colours and she loves that dress. Has been wearing it a dozen times already and she is convinced I can make one in wool… ok….. According to her, it has to be a simple A-line (easy peasy), long sleeved and going from dark blue to dark green…… It can be done, of course, so on the hunt for a nice yarn from dark blue to dark green. It also had to be soft wool (shetland was considered just slightly too scratchy for a dress), in the end we choose O-wool classic 2-ply. The colours are indigo, cornflower, sky, robin’s egg, natural, willow and wheatgress.

it is indeed lovely soft wool and I think it will work nicely. What I am still considering is how to knit it…. top down with simultaneous set-in sleeves as in Barbara Walker’s book, from the bottom up, splitting the front and back, sleeves knitted flat…. batwings and not really long sleeves, a henley type opening, a boat-neck, a little split in the back neck and a high round neckline…. Still much to think about before I will start, but I am looking forward and sketching, which is nice too...

What shetland is good for is mittens. D needs mittens (even though the winter has taken a break and it is unseasonal warm again), I wanted to play a bit with patterning, so ZigZag mittens are being knit. The first one is knitted, the hand is fine, but I am not so happy with the thumb, so I am tinkering and knitting the second one slightly different. If that works out I will make another pair and make it into a pattern. The main thing was to make the scheme and I have done that, so why not release it too, as a free pattern that is….



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