Sunday, March 9, 2014

Just a note



I have been busy the last couple of weeks, so not much time for writing here or actually even my knitting has been slow. Not that I have not been knitting, just not the normal amount I use to do. Work mainly and it looks like that it will remain like that the rest of the year. I am not complaining, really, I like my job. It brings me in contact with many different people and what I do is also really different from day to day. My team is quite nice and we are working on a very exciting project, but yes the downside can be that I need to prioritise what else I do. So writing here comes quite down the list, so it might be a bit quiet the next couple of months. I will try but I won’t promise...


The cardigan I am knitting now is the Raindrop Cardigan, the wool is from stash. I bought it on a very hot day 3 years ago. Not here, but in Bendigo, Australia. Knitting with Stash and remembering where one bought it can bring back good memories… So a cardigan for colder days, from a very hot place in summer will be kind of nice…. It is good sturdy wool, the kind that will keep quite well I hope...

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  1. Good luck with juggling work and knitting... love those raindrops.