Monday, January 6, 2014



Two more days of the winter holiday to go, today is 12th night, which is an official holiday day here and tomorrow school is closed as the teachers have their start of term study day. Still grey and warm weather (kind of the opposite of the US right now) but at least no rain today so far…. The last couple of days have been quiet and uneventful, apart from giving the house a good clean (need the extra time to do that), rearranging bedrooms to give the teenager a bit more privacy (her sister had to pass through teenagers room to get access to her bedroom, which is really not fair to a teenager…),  the little fair-isle hat got finished…. I think what I need to do next is tinkering…. I like the colours, but the patterns get a bit murky as the contrast is not very high between the browns, so I need to get that better. I think one colour needs to be replaced and I guess than the hat will look quite different. I also think that the decreases at the end need to come faster, but that is also an adaptation that can come easily. So another hat will get knitted in due time as I do like the paintery approach to making fair-isle items and who knows I might write it out as a pattern….. 

And no matter what, there will be always a recipient for a hat…...


The bag she is carrying here is another of M’s sewing projects. She really basically made this herself and it is a sturdy little bag, just big enough to carry some useful things around. And she put in some velcro to make sure that it wouldn’t unexpectedly open. I think she is really ready to go back to school now….as I am ready to back to work. It is funny that after a long stay away from work (nearly 3 weeks) one really wants to go back… I guess that is a good sign…..

But for M, not too much praise please as shyness can attack suddenly:


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  1. Well, I ADORE that hat, and probably mostly because of the subtle changes in color. Lovely!