Friday, January 3, 2014

Grey days call for colour


This winter until now has been warm, windy and grey. The warm bit actually means that small pansies are flowering outside my front door, and I really don’t recall that I have ever seen that. But the grey overcast skies and the fact that the days are still so short gets to one at the end. If it was cold (as it should be), it would be open skies and that pale blue light that is so special for Scandinavia. Now it is just grey and depressing, staying at home, in bed, and watching Supernatural kind of weather….

So to counter all that gloominess, I started a small fair-isle hat. I asked my husband (who is really supposed to be born and raised in Scotland, from many generations of Scots as well) if he knew what fair-isle knitting was… he looked confused and said “ something with cables?”. OK I guess I need to educate at home…. In any case I started a small hat with my own colour scheme using fair-isle motifs. The yarn is Spindrift, lovely stuff for this kind of thing and I do love the impressive colour cards. I think I will make another one of this, with a small tinker of the colours and then go on with a sweater for me with a fair-isle motif. Nice to play with all the colours… 

One other thing to do on days like these, finish old projects:



This is a quilt for M that I started in summer 2011. I did the piecing and putting them together, but never got a backing and got round to the actual quilting. Now finally I did that… M is as happy as a bee with the quilt, it is on her bed now and she will have the best dreams ever (she says…). It feels so good to have this finished, I am still a beginner quilter and my sewing machine probably needs a service, but it is a nice thing to do after all.

M agrees, her sewing machine is also purring:


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