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There are things in knitting that are so rewarding. Texture and shapes and seeing how a string gets into a garment. Now I have to confess I am a kind of a yarn-snob, I only like acrylics in combination with cotton, and really only of it is micro fibre. But apart from that I will knit with everything, from wool to hemp and anything in between. I love my soft merino, but ask the hardy shetland wool and I do like clever combinations. Like wool-cotton…. Rowan wool -cotton is a lovely yarn, wool and cotton mixed such they totally blend together. The wool-cotton in the yarn in the cardigan above is different, you clearly see and feel the cotton and it is crisp and has a very lively colour… Two yarns, same combination, feeling very different… Just so nice!

The yarn is Balance from O-wool, 50% merino wool, 50% cotton, a worsted yarn. Organic too and it feels lovely to work with. Has a very nice stitch definition, which is why I went for cable and just a little bit lot lace..

And that is the other thing about knitting, or if one can read knitting charts, is that there is a wealth of different sources available to get inspiration from. The stitch pattern comes from a Japanese stitch pattern book and browsing through the book it was just so obvious that it had to be used… Is is a riff on an Argyle pattern, and thus….

There is no-sewing in this one, there are top-down set in sleeves, using short rows for the shaping. More short rows for the shawl collar. This was fun to come up with...

Yesterday I was in Malmö, and my teenager took me to a vintage clothes shop. That was very lucky since in the back of the shop they had this selection of vintage buttons, many still on their cards… I love vintage buttons, and a suitable set was found so nice shiny buttons as a contrast:


Oh and the back:


Tomorrow an action shot or so, probably in the snow….

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