Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The last bits….



The other week I started to play with slipped stitch patterns and now my experiment in using them is almost finished. A small very rustic cardigan for M. I think the slipped stitch pattern gives it a modern feel and it so easy to do. It looks much more complicated the it actually is, which is always a nice thing. It is also fun since it is kind of magic. Now it is just the button bands and the neckband and it is done. I first wanted to make these band green, but I ran out of green yarn, so they will be pink. I ordered some dark green vintage buttons on etsy, so I hope those will come soon too….

The yarn in this case is Geilsk Tweed, which is a very rustic 1 ply tweed with a bit . It has really nice colours  and a bit of a thick-thin quality. It is quite "nubby" even for a tweed. It also has the occasional bit of grass or other plant-bits. I pick them out when I knit and always think that it is kind of nice. Yes you have to pick them out, but it feels somehow less overproduced and more artisan. It does mean also that this cardigan is a outer-shell item. M will need long armed T-shirts to go under it, but as it is now clearly autumn and winter won't be long, that will not be much of a problem…. 




  1. That's a lovely cardigan. I love seeing tweedy things on girls. I agree with you about picking out bits - I'm knitting with Kilcarra Aran Tweed at the moment and there are several bits of 'material' in it, but I like to think of the sheep picking up those bits in its fleece as it wanders around!

    1. Thank you! Good to hear from other tweed lovers! And indeed the bits come from hopefully happy sheep....