Saturday, October 6, 2012

Really finished now...



I finished "Slipped". Originally I had hoped to make the band with the green yarn, but as I had not enough left, it became the pink instead. With small green shank buttons, it works nice as well. I blocked the cardigan and already it is a lot softer, so that is nice as ell. I think it will get quite a bit of wear this autumn…. 

I could have made the sleeves slightly longer, but at least they are not in the way now, says M. 



  1. This is so perfect! I just love the rustic yarn. It looks exactly like a "childhood" sweater should be-made for lots of wear, and to hand down in years to come.

    -Diane (Maisy-Pearl on Rav)

    1. Thank you! The wool actually got very much softer after teh wash, it still is very rustic, but not scratchy!