Monday, March 26, 2012




On sunday i knitted the fastest knitted object I have made in a long time. A little womb…. Why I did this, well the main reasons are described at this place and yes I am not from the US so yes I have no say in their politics. But what I can give is my solidarity and that's why I knitted this small object and blog about it.

Now I am of course privileged to live in Sweden and no-where is equality between men and women closer than here and I would like that kind of system more widespread. What is happening in the US right now is however frightening going back in time and one needs to be aware and speak out, which I do in my little way here.

I always thought that the Handmaids' Tale was a frightening book, it is even more so today!

It has gone of by post to Texas now and I hope it will serve its cause well!



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  1. I believe you should have a say in our politics. So much of what happens here in the US sooner or later affects the rest of the world. If we are the beacon of democracy that we say we are, we need to actually own those values and not just pay them lip service. Thank you for reminding us that the rest of the world is watching.