Saturday, March 10, 2012

Learning Things

Not quite Similar


I do like it when I come upon something that just shouts to me: try this, it is clever and you can learn from it! The thing I stumbled upon was the contiguous method (thank you SusieM)  to make set-in type sleeves without the seaming. While I do not think it replaces the set-in sleeve completely, it is very nifty indeed...

So I needed to try it out. I figures the best way was to use a pattern and I used Same, Same which is nice, but unfortunately I do not like tables too much (I like it if patterns to be all in the text and start to over interpret things if I have to look at too many different places) and so I just used the start and went from there since I do love these little garters at the shoulders.

I'm quite pleased with the result, but  also think there could be improvements. I would make the button edges bigger, these ones are not very stable and although I have a bit of positive ease, they gape slightly. I have put in quite a lot of buttons, but not even that helps… I would make the neckline lower (this is just personal taste) and I would make the sleeves a bit wider (they are narrow now) . But overall this is a nice light-weight cardigan, good for the change of season since spring is really coming soon!

Not quite similar

Not quite similar

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