Monday, March 19, 2012

A girl and her cat



I like this photo, mainly since it depicts Zai so well…. he is just a big loveable cat, who loves to be carried round and then just tries to cuddle you.  I asked S if I could make some photos of Miette, and Zai had to come too…. So here he is.


Miette was a fun project. The pattern comes only in a limited range of sizes, but by using a thinner yarn and a bit tighter gauge, I got the good size for S. The rest of the pattern, I just used it as it came, with the exception for the sleeves. These I actually knitted "flat" since I was using cotton and I didn't want to have a change in gauge. I like knitting in cotton and it doesn't feel like rope to me, but I am aware of the gauge changes that can occur when switching from back& forth in knit and purl, to in the round and only knit, so I was not let that happen… Also, I don't really like knitting sleeve in the round. Too tight to fit fully on a circular needle, just a bit too big to really fit well on DPN's…. and since I don't mind a Mattress Stitch, this was really the best of options. I added 1 sts to each side for the seam and that was that.

A happy S today:



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