Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Smockie

Winter Smockie

I finished the winter Smockie today. Last week I had to go to Stockholm for work and on the way back in the plane, I knew that something was amiss…. The new day I was on my way to work but D turned the car around half-way and dropped me of, home again with some miss-mash of influenza and common cold. Not a good week thus. Haven't done a lot and not even knitting a lot.

This week I have been back at work 1 day, but M is not well now, so today I am home again, but as I am still feeling under the weather I am not that unhappy about it.

I'm not the only one that is being not well, at work I am part of a committee of 6 and of those 6, 3 were ill….and that is I think the average at the moment.

Well the snow is gone, it is back to gray and rainy and a nice green winter cardigan to start to think of spring is just what is needed maybe…. M is anyways mightily pleased with it, since it sparkles very discretely :-)


Winter Smockie

Winter Smocky in Dream In Color Stardust "Mountain Moss".

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  1. Looks great!! That Dream in Color yarn is beautiful and it works really nicely in this pattern.