Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunday Walk



Sunday was a really gorgeous day. Sunny, dry and above 0°C. So the perfect day for a walk in the forest. The part of Sweden we live in has many many castles and grand houses and some of them are in a wonderful environment as well. So we went to walk in the forests of Häckeberga Slott. The castle itself is used as hotel/ conference center but the forest/lakes around it are a nature reserve. We live quite close to it and have driven many times past it, but for one reason or another we never actually walked around there. So this time we had to do it. And it is just lovely, just wonder why we never did it before. Now one reason is that there are many lovely places to go, but still..

Some of it felt a bit like it came from a game, like Myst. Especially the bridge pictured above, which had that quality of being a bit unreal, but quite real at the same time. There was also a place with a very big tipi. We started to wonder who had built that one, but no clue. It was quite eery in a certain way. There were also all kind of other constructions around which made it even more odd.

This time of year is actually the dullest possible. We had a period of sharp cold, so things are a lot less green. In a couple of weeks, real signs of spring will start to pop up, but not yet…. but we are in a warm spell right now, so tomorrow I will check the garden and look for snow-drops!

In the forest


And talking about spring, I started this:

Not quite similar


it is a pattern called Same, same but different. I wanted to make it since it is using the contiguous method for shaping a top-down set-in sleeve. I do have to say that I do like this method of making sleeves. So it was a good thing to try, I am not following the pattern though apart from the set-up and the gathered stuff at the shoulders.

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