Sunday, February 12, 2012




Last summer I knitted a small cardigan in cotton for M: smockie. It had some smocking at the yoke and was short-sleeved. It is well liked and worn quite a bit. But now it is winter and I thought a woolen, long sleeved one would come in handy. Knitting from stash also means to  go through and see what one has and what one can use. So I had three DIC lots that could be used. I lined them up and M could choose her colour. I had expected it to be red, but no she choose green…. Well to be honest this is DIC Stardust (a yarn only made in very small amounts, a forerunner of DIC Starry, bought from somebody selling their stash at Ravelry), so there is this small amount of glitter in it…. And glitter works….

So happily knitting it:

Winter Smockie

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