Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yes I know…..

Muted Thistle

Ok yesterday it should have gone down, as it is the habit in Sweden. That is the Christmas tree…. But yesterday was friday and really, on some fridays one only wants to sit and sip a glass of wine. Which is what we did, so the tree is still there this morning. But then I could use it as background for my "Muted Thistle"…..

I like this version just as much as the earlier one. I did tweak a bit, which means that there are more short rows in the yoke so it is not as wide. About the yarn (Brooklyn Tweed Loft), it has a lovely feel to it and it is very "airy" (it has indeed loft), When I just got it, I was a bit disappointed since the colors were more muted then what it looked like on my computer screen when I had ordered it. But when knitted up, I can see that there is more depth and it is very lively and lovely. It was also very good for colourwork since just like Spindrift, it has a real nice "grab" which makes it very easy to keep an even tension. Only slight-negative thing, since it is woollen-spun (mule spun?) yarn, it breaks really easily. But then if it wasn't spun like that, it wouldn't have the nice "loft"…..

I was quite lucky here as well, since I used exactly 2 skeins of the MC. I have 2 left, so I guess I nice shawl …. maybe with some of the other colors as well….

It is well matched for vintage inspired knitting I think and I could see myself in a similar cardigan as well. S wants one like this as well, so maybe I will scale up….

Just two more shots:

Muted Thistle

Muted Thistle


and a slight update, here it starts to go down:





  1. What a pretty cardigan! I was on call till 11 pm yesterday, so our tree too went out today. But according to the Norwegian customs it's also Jan. 13th. ("Tjuendedag Knut jager jula ut")