Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Today I finished Goose. But since I was at home (since I am not feeling 100% for the last couple of days), and the others working or at school, the recipient was not here and I wanted to have a picture. So I worn it myself. Now here it gets interesting. The pattern is meant to be worn with 4" of positive ease. I knitted an XS so this one has only 1.5" positive ease for me. It is not super fitting, but it is not an overbid sweater either. I quite like it like that.

But I made it not for myself, so at dusk, when S came home, I just had time to take a picture of her...


Worn as an XS with 4 to 5" positive ease. It worked too and for a nearly teen maybe even better.

Nice experiment anyways.

Tomorrow I will luckily be back at work, I don't really like being not well, but it feels as if I am OK to go tomorrow!


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  1. I love that color! I think it looks good in both eases.