Saturday, January 21, 2012

Half a sweater



Normally I do not do New Year's resolutions, they are just made to be broken, so why make them….  But having  done the bit of decoration and moving things from here to there, I realized that, really, I do have plenty of yarn. And plenty to play a long time with, with quite some sweater amounts of stuff. So I made a "public" promise not to buy any yarn at least until the first of April.

So now I am knitting and planning from Stash and not looking at the MadelineTosh shop, since that would be really tempting.

Anyways this is my first item made with Dream In Colour Classy in Midnight Derby. I think I bought this yarn more than two years ago, so really high time to work with it. The pattern is Goose by Heidi Kirrmaier. It was a very kind gift of the raveler Yvonnegut.

Of course I can't just knit it, I had to tweak it slightly. I make it not as long (it is for S), the sleeves will be 3/4 (I don't have enough yarn…) and I have done the decreases in the sleeves different as well. I was going for already 10 cm or so when I found out I had skipped over the word "provisional", so instead of a 3 bind-off, I will have "deconstructed" seams…. Post-modern that :-)

I'm half-way now and I do like the half a sweater look of it!



Now I am digging in my stash to see what I would like to make next….

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