Saturday, October 22, 2011

Myrten Hat

Myrthen Hat


Since there was such a big lack of hats in our house, I spent one evening last week looking at hats on Ravelry. There are so many patterns there and some are so very nice. Some are also amazing in the sense that so few people actually used the pattern. I spotted the Myrten Hat by Hiroko Fukatsu and there were only 5 projects….

I really liked the flowers and the way they were put on the hat in only two colors. The very clever way of having the solid flowers and the outline of flowers and I was also up for a bit of stranded knitting. My smallest one choose the colors and the yarn. It is Drops Baby Alpaca in a purple and natural color. This yarn is like a thinner version of Blue Sky Alpaca Alpaca-Silk, it is very soft and has a nice sheen. It is more loose than the Blue Sky yarn and thus just a little bit splitty. Not that bad to work with and I can imagine it works really nice for a shawl or something lacy. I think it works well with this hat and I hope it will keep some child warm this winter….


Myrthen Hat

Totoro, skogskatt!

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