Sunday, October 16, 2011




Just two weeks ago we had the lovelies Summer days of this year, but now the seasons have caught  up with us….. Sharp frost in the mornings and lovely sunny afternoons. Lovely Autumn days even though it is sad to see the last blooms now destroyed.


But I also quickly discovered that M didn't have any warm fitting hat anymore and she really needed one. The one I spotted was the Effie Beret by Melissa Labarre, since I do like the way the decreases are organized on the crown of the hat.  Also, I had quite some Osprey leftovers from the two Camillas  but not enough to make a solid color Effie beret. So instead I made the brim in Crocus and the rest of the hat in Winesap. Since her winter coat is grey, I do think the brightness of the hat goes well. Finally I will be able to spot her from afar….



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