Sunday, October 2, 2011




This morning, my Kara died. She was old and the last couple of days she got worse very very rapidly. Yesterday morning she had still great appetite and cuddled up to me. During the day she enjoyed the sunshine while laying in her cat bed in our bedroom, but in the evening she wasn't interested in either drink or food. During the night she woke me and it was clear she was saying goodbye. I cuddled her, she lay down and fell asleep. This morning she died, peacefully.

I miss her already, but I'm happy she said goodbye.


The photo was taken a couple of summers ago, she loved to lay in the sun. I don't have many photos of her, she was a shy cat. Of all our cats, she was really mine and she was the first cat I got as an adult. As I said, I'll miss her very much.


  1. so sorry to hear about her... she was beautiful. <3

  2. A truly lovely cat, and obviously a dear friend. May the days be short until you can think of her and simply smile with the joy of friendship.

  3. It sounds like an ideal parting, bless her. Hugs to you.