Friday, July 15, 2011

Scullery Trouble

It is supposed to be the warmest bit of the summer.... but no instead we have rain and cold and miserable weather. I'm in a lousy mood since we are rebuilding the scullery and of course it takes much longer than we thought it would. We have too little tiles, they have to be re-ordered and thus a week delay. It wouldn't be so bad but the scullery is the place where we have the washing machine and so on and that means that at the moment we do NOT have one. Sweden doesn't have many launderettes (if you life in a flat there is a communal one attached to it) and that means that we have to do washing by hand. Not my type of fun! And with all the rain nothing dries either. Bleeh.

I probably wouldn't complain that much but we had to go to the Netherlands for a week and coming back there were just piles of stuff to be washed and then suddenly one realizes how much help modern devices really are. It was planned that things would be kind of functioning when we would come back, but instead we are in a heap of turmoil. Best laid plans and all of that.....

On the bright side, it was quite nice weather in the Netherlands, so we had a nice visit with my parents. Lots of knitting time too, all that car travel... I finished Uhura and was able to wear it, some photos in my mother her garden:



On the way back I worked on a Naruto inspired polo-shirt for S. On a good day we do not hear anything else but Naruto, but she has been really helpful the last couple of months so it was easy to grant that wish:

Naruto inspired


ps. I do like the word "scullery", so much more evocative than "grovkök" or "tvättställe"......

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