Tuesday, July 19, 2011




I never knew that Manga could be popular around here.... S and most of her friends have become "obsessed" with Naruto and on a good day all I hear is stories about Naruro, Sasuku, Kiba, Kakashi, Neji and who not. I can't really follow...but I did read the 2nd book.

Anyways S has been very nice and helpful the last couple of months with all kind of things from helping in the house without complaining to looking after her little sister, so when she requested a Naruto based knitted item I thought it was a nice reward. She wanted a black shirt with a big Uchiha Sign on the back. The first thing we did was chart it. She actually made the chart. I used intarsia to knit this symbol.  Since she wanted it for summer wearing I used BC garn Allino. It comes in a very nice range of colours and is quite nice to knit with.

The front is plain black, with a polo like opening for the neck in seed-stitch, I tried to photograph it on two different days but I can't catch it, black just obscures all details.  Short set-in sleeves make it more T-shirt like. The hems are seamed and plain.


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