Friday, September 2, 2016




During my long stay in the US this summer, I did have the good fortune to travel near to Northampton, the place where WEBS is…. and of course I did visit it and spend half a day and too much money…. But it was nice as it is a big place, the front is big and then when you go into the back-room, oh my… One thing I did do was a bit of thinking beforehand what I would want to buy. Normally I get completely lost in a big yarn-shop, everything is tempting and great and since I can’t buy “everything” it normally is nothing that I buy. That is of course not a bad thing at all, my stash does not need to grow and at least I get to see a lot of yarn. But this time I wanted to take something back, so I had done a shortlist.

One of the yarns I wanted was Zooey. I have used this yarn before and it is just lovely to work with. I made a sweater for M with it that she has been wearing a lot and it is just as lovely as when I made it. It comes in cheery colours and has a slight thick/thin structure that gives a nice fabric. M choose 4 colours that went well together so a sweater it had to be. I used a stripe design and a round yoke with some short rows… The only problem that I ran into was that the one ball of light- purple was not enough so I had to order one more. S is showing it here, but really it is meant for M.

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