Monday, May 2, 2016

Every last bit



Last week after I finished Polaris, I was a bit stuck. On the one hand, I had a number of summer projects that I had in mind for this summer, so one of those would be the obvious thing to cast on. Except that the weather was really not for summer knitting. Hail & sleet are really not enticing for starting a summer project. But it was the end of April, and surely a change of weather has to come...

I made a Cladonia earlier this year and that was quite a fun project. I had quite a bit of the counter colour left-over and if I would have just enough of a main, that would be fine little project to tide me over. I had to repair a small hole in one of M’s sweaters, so I went through my left-over basket and found more than 1/2 a skein of Tosh Merino light in Iris (blue), so ideal… I would have a red and a blue Cladonia…. 


I casted on and about half-way through the main body I started to get doubts whether I would have enough blue… I did also have quite a bit of the main colour left-over from my first shawl, so that was an option. When I was at the point to knit the lace, I measured both my blue and my red skein and the red was just about 3 grams more, and I though OK I go for the biggest one and make a red, white, blue shawl instead. After all, I am dutch so there is that aspect ;-)

This was a good decision since at the end I started to get really really nervous, but I made it, but my red skein is completely gone now… 

And the weather? The weather has changed now, mild sunny days is the prospect….




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