Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Praising cotton



At work the other day we ended up in a discussion on diets and such. Me, myself, I don’t really believe in dieting. From my point of view, eat varied and not too much of anything is probably best. And love your veggies…. And try to make things yourself…. And I guess somehow that goes for my knitting too. Every now and then the question comes up, which yarn is your absolute favourite… I just can’t answer that one… Favourite for what? I would not want a winter sweater in Linen and neither do I want a summer tee in Alpaca and apart from that I would also be pretty bored if I just could knit with one yarn… So a bit of variation and not too much of one thing is best for me. 

The other thing that happened this week is that I saw a thread on Revelry where someone asked, could this pattern be knitted in cotton….  The pattern was designed in a cotton yarn, so obviously the answer should be yes. But somehow cotton got the worst reputation. Yes it does not have many give and I can see that this can make your hands hurt, but the right cotton for the right project works really well. And it is a great summer yarn, can have really nice sheen, picks up colours very well and can be easy care too. But yes worsted or thicker cottons are very very heavy and gravity will do its work on a project knitted in those. But a good quality cotton in the lighter weights, is just very good for summer wear. And children’s wear.

So my next project, cotton, a very nice one, Cascade Ultra Pima for a girl’s cardigan… summery and bright! 

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