Sunday, June 7, 2015



Some projects are so quick that they over before you know it. This one certainly was. Of course no sleeves helps a lot, as well does knitting aran-weight…especially when knitting so much fingering and sportweight…. And no lace or cables either to hold your speed back. 

The main reason however for the quickness was the construction, or rather, how does it look like when it is done. Like the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman, sometimes the construction is so ingenious that that drives the knitting forward.


This one, Flex,  is all about the construction, about the meet of directions on the front, just very lovely and it the end wearable as it is a very good match with the yarn which is another reason why the knitting went fast. this was knitted in Kestrel another linen yarn from Quince & Co. Their Sparrow is one of my favourite yarns ever, smooth cool linen. This one is a chainette linen and it gives a more rustic fabric than Sparrow does. It has drape and sheen and everything else that is so lovely about linen. It also has some give, which makes that it is pretty easy to knit with.

Not surprisingly I have some more in my stash…. 



  1. I adore your top. I have mine at the yoke and have already finished it once wrong. Might you be able to give me a bit of help?
    My ? is when you do your setup round for the yoke you have 7 stitch markers. I know you do the first decreases at the beginning of the round and then at stitch marker # 2 but after that I am confused.... ahhhh

  2. Yes it is not completely easy. But during the setup round you should have 6 (not 7) stitch markers: 1 back left corner, 2 left middle, 3 front left corner, 4 front right corner, 5 right middle, 6 right back corner & BOR.
    You will decrease every round at the 4 corner markers (decrease round), but at the same time in every 8th round you will do a yarn over at the middle markers too (decrease & increase round)
    round 1: decrease at corners
    round 2: knit
    round 3: decrease at corners & yo at middle
    round 4: knit
    round 5: decrease at corners
    round 6: knit
    round 7: decrease at corners
    round 8: knit

    This is repeated until the back shaping starts.

    Hope this helped!