Friday, May 15, 2015

Back to normal



Back to normal with a summer project for me. Pomegranate in Hempathy, nice yarn, sturdy and crisp, and a nice lace decorated pullover to go with it. Just right for Swedish summers….. (I can now start to complain, but May until now hasn’t been great).

My gauge was off, so I had to tweek a bit, not a lot but just making a XS to get an S. I also had to figure out where the neckline should be and thus where the sleeves had to start and I made it a bit longer. I also did one more increase round in the shaping. In the end I actually like this length better, I find it easier to wear so that is good too.



I am wearing it with no ease at the bust, which I think works really well for this kind of pattern where you want to show of that delicious lace…. The sweater i skin in the round, with short row set-in sleeves . The pattern was easy to follow and apart from issues created by myself, no problems whatsoever.


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