Wednesday, May 13, 2015

And now for something different


M is quickly becoming our pastry sous-chef. She loves to browse through my dessert cook-books and every now and then I buy her a Swedish baking magazine as she loves them. She also loves it in a practical sense, baking, whipping cream and all that. So during the weekend she made a batch of vanilla ice-cream mixed with Macademia nuts and toffee sauce (yes I have to start to watch my weight) and there were quite some egg-whites left over. No avail, egg-whites,  are needed for meringue or a pavlova… so next project a pavlova it was. Also that left-over toffee sauce (home-made) can be used on a pavlova…. So as it is the start of a long weekend here, a bit of summer feeling with a pavlova with bananas, passionfruit, cream and toffee-sauce…. like I said, I better watch my weight…...


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