Saturday, September 3, 2011

A change of Season

Sweat Peas


Our sweet peas are in full bloom and produce so many flowers that I can't keep up with them. I love their smell and have small vases with them in our house… the very last days of summer are upon us….

We were (for work) 10 days in Spain and that gave us enough sun-shine and heat for the winter to come which is of course a very good thing if one lives in Sweden.  And the change of season is really upon us.  So my knitting is also changing gear. I finished my last bit of summer knitting:


This is Sparrow, but made in AllHemp 3. Hemp is a funny yarn. I need to get used to it and I have to be careful since if I drift my tension starts to become very different. But I can throw it in a regular wash and let it dry in a dryer and the fabric becomes actually much nicer than before. Great stuff to wear too and of course one of the most environmentally friendly fibers around...


So now onwards to more in between seasons stuff. I started a small layering cardigan in Blue Skies Alpacas Alpaca Silk:

Cecily's cardigan

It is a design by Cecily Glowik MacDonald, who is really very very good at this kind of understated simple garments that are so very wearable! Love her stuff.

I also plan some winter stuff:


Quince Osprey. Camillas for both my daughters….

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